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CAR & DRIVER 2006 SEPT - Z06 vs 911-T vs F430, GT500

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CAR & DRIVER 2006 SEPT - Z06 vs 911-T vs F430, GT500


Within this issue you will discover the following topics:

1)         THE SPORTS-CAR WORLD CUP: Chevrolet Corvette Z06 vs. Ferrari F430 vs. Porsche 911 Turbo

2)         AUDI RS 4 QUATTRO: The mid-size sports-sedan wars get kicked up a notch

3)         JEEP COMPASS LIMITED 4X4: Less GI Joe than Joe Average

4)         BMW 330d: Here's the diesel of your dreams-too bad it's not sold here

5)         2009 ALFA ROMEO BRERA Q4: Well, the swallows come back to Capistrano, and so do the rumors of Alfa's return to the U.S.

6)         MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER: A Lancer-based crossover may help this maker cross over to prosperity

7)         FORD SHELBY GT500 CONVERTIBLE: A fulfillment of diminished expectations

8)         BMW 32Sxi SPORTS WAGON: Tightly wrapped and tautly muscled, one model only

9)         CADILLAC DTS: The last stalwart at Cadillac gets a sportier shape

10)   LEXUS ES3S0: Lexus plays it safe with its replacement for the ?5330

11)   VOLVO C70 TS: A steel-top convertible comes in at a better price than the old flappy-top


13)   THE BEAST OF TURIN: For about four million bucks, a famed Italian design studio turns out a one-of-a-kind super-Enzo

14)   RUNNING WITH THE JAMES-YOUNGER GANG: We put a Shelby GT500 convertible on the trail of the bloody Northfield, Minnesota, raid

15)   FORD FRANKENSTEIN: As usual, beer does its part in creating a monster Ford Five Hundred GT-R on a small college campus

16)   TECH STUFF--THE RACELOGIC DRIFTBOX: May we say it's the hottest package to come out of England since Keira Knightley?

17)   LONG-TERM TEST: AUDI A6 3.2 QUATTRO--The A6 proved to be a few options short of greatness

18)   SPORT: RENAISSANCE MAN: In 37 years, Elliott Forbes-Robinson has proved himself an immensely talented artist behind the wheel of any race car

19)   UPFRONT: Most-stolen list, gray-market Benz snafu, the 'i' car

Plus other sweet automobile items.

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