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CAR MAGAZINE 1989 MAR - NEW NSX, 944-T v 911-T v 928S

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CAR MAGAZINE 1989 MAR - NEW NSX, 944-T v 911-T v 928S


Within this issue, you will discover the following topics:


1.   AGENDA: Three Japanese sports cars to get worked up about (especially if you work at Porsche), and thoughts on a couple of amazing baby cars. They're from Japan, too

2.   HEADLINES: Clear sightings of Pug's 605, Ford's halting sports and coupe programme, a BMW V16 and some wacky new Nissans

3.   NEWCOMERS: Volvo 480 Turbo - Not a flier, but pleasant, Citroen BX 4X4 - Inexpensive and able, Seat Ibiza - By no means a last resort, Maserati 2.24v - A 24-valve Biturbo variant, Mazda Persona - Glitzy 626, for Japan only

4.   SIR! Argument on the merits of front- and rear-wheel drive, disquiet over our treatment of the Top 10 (and some of the choices) and complaints about Porsche's marketing policy

5.   FRONTLINE: Four on the floor

6.   ORACLE: Mercedes - the next five years. The French makers are optimistic about '89, Fiat is learning to live without Vittorio Ghidella, and we talk to Chris Woodwark, Rover's man in the US, during the final days of his eight-month reign

7.   JAPAN SHOWS EUROPE HOW TO BUILD SPORTS CARS: How the Japanese are about to occupy ground that was once the preserve of European manufacturers

8.   TARGET PORSCHE: Honda's surprise new supercar

9.   LOTUS EATER: Mazda's terrific new two-seater roadster fun car

10.   BACK ON TRACK: Nissan rediscovers the 240Z's long-lost virtues

11.   IN BRITAIN: Details of an apparently unfortunate Rover reshuffle.  Trouble for Audi marketeers and the 1988 UK sales results

12.   FAST FEUD: Driving three Porsches that fight over the same patch of ?50,000 Ii1 car territory

13.   HONDA SHOGUN: Kevin Radley meets Tadashi Kume, the third head of Honda

14.   HONDA LEGEND: A meeting of minds - Nobuhiko Kawamoto's, and LJK Setright's

15.   ARCH RIVALS: Rover's new Montego Turbodiesel meets a pair of blown oil-burners from PSA and one from Audi. If money matters, there's only one winner

16.   DETROIT SHOW: THE STARS ARE JAPANESE Plenty of show cars from the US - and two important Oriental models that actually go on sale

17.   REVOLUTIONS: Setright expounds on 10 automotive revolutions. Part two: unitary construction

18.   INSIDE LINE: Surtees and Hawthorn were Ferrari's last British championship-winning drivers.

19.   How will our Nigel do?

20.   RINGS OF CONFIDENCE: Our long term test Audi 90 Quattro proves that Audi's efforts to ensure it has a long life, have paid off

21.   PRE-OWNED: James Ruppert ponders four cylinder Porsches

22.   DB: Geoff Howard examines some allegedly up-market audio kit in some up-market cars

23.   GBU: It's back, upgraded and improved. You may think otherwise, of course

24.   SALES PITCH: The 20 best sellers of 1988

25.   TECH: Shine a light. How computers have improved night vision

26.   WORKING WITH CARS: The man in charge of production at Peugeot's Ryton plant


Plus many other supercar items.

Please Note: This is a large size magazine.

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