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HOT ROD 1974 JULY - VETTE Spcl, SHARP B-210, 262 MOUSE

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HOT ROD 1974 JULY - VETTE Spcl, SHARP B-210, 262 MOUSE


Within this hard to find issue you will discover the following topics:

1)            Bob Sharp's mean Datsun B-210 hot rod (GT-33)

2)            The California 500 & the Unser Brothers

3)            Checking out the V-8 mid-engined Corvairs from Solar

4)            Drag racing with a 2-barrel carb

5)            C.J. Baker's mean Super Stock '69 Chevelle

6)            Roy Fields' sweet Sprint Car

7)            Tech questions & answers

8)            A study of the new Chevy LV-1 262ci Mouse

9)            Project First Car Nova--Sway bars & shocks

10)       Project Chevy Up --Part 6--machine work, balancing & pre-assembly

11)       Gems from the Cleveland Car Show

12)       Hot rod cooling basics

13)       Project VW Rebop--Part 1--Custom nose

14)       Testing a Yamaha RD-350

15)       Understanding the latest emission systems

16)       Project Mileagemaker--Z-28 test

17)       A color pullout of Don Prudhomme's Army Cuda F/C

18)       A special Corvette section including:

A)       A boatload of customs & racers

B)       Seat covers for a '53-'57

C)       Fiberglass repairs

D)       C3 body mounts & locations

E)       C2 & C3 rear bearing greaser

F)        Update your C2-C3 pumpkin to a 12-bolt

G)       Readers' rides

H)       Inside Eckler's

Plus other hot items.


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