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HOT ROD 1984 AUG - 220mph Z28, BUICK GN, MSE T/A

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HOT ROD 1984 AUG - 220mph Z28, BUICK GN, MSE T/A


Within this issue you will discover the following topics:

1.   220 mph Street Sleeper: Andy Granatelli's Z28 commuter car

2.   Aero Camaro Part 1: How to build a contemporary street machine

3.   Pull Up: The mini-Jimmy alky puller

4.   How to Build a Super Stocker Part 2: This low-11-second Buick V6 was No.1 qualifier at Pomona

5.   HOT ROD's Hot Rods: Part 1: On the sand, salt, streets, strips, and over the sea

6.   '84 Grand National Regal: Challenging the world in a 6-cylinder automatic

7.   Wrangler Van: The Dodge T-115 - a smaller van that's big on looks

8.   Alternative Engines: Part 1: Pontiac performance

9.   XL-erator: A 6-71 - huffed, 427-shoved, '67 Ford Fairlane

10.   Glass Gas: This '84 Vette was both too fast and two nice

11.   '84 MSE Trans Am: One Mecham Racing 350 T/A to go

12.   The Low-Buck Special Part 1: How to revive and race an old drag car for pure fun

13.   Hadda Havit: Danel Turner owned this deuce roadster a month later

14.   It Takes a Fin: And now for something completely different: a '57 Plymouth

15.   Times Fast: The Nostalgia Nats proves you can take the drag out of drag racing

16.   Up on Two Wheels: The super six-they all blast 10-second quarter-miles and streak 150 mph

Plus other great hot rod, racing or how-to items.


Cover: The twin turbo engine in Andy Granatelli's Z28 glows like molten ore on the chassis dyno. How did he manage a smile when the compartment was a virtual blast furnace of searing heat? He just remembered rocketing a cool 220 mph across Mud Lake, Nevada, in this potent Camaro commuter. Photo by Bob D'Olivo.

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