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1.   COVER: An exclusive first test of one of 1989's most exclusive cars, the BMW M3 Convertible - but just how good is the racer-based soft-top supercar concept?

2.   IMPRESSIONS: First focus this month falls on Japan, with two new cars, Cefiro and Leopard, from Nissan, and the latest Suzuki Swift. Back in Europe we try two different types of luxury, the Range Rover Vogue SE and the Renault 25 V6 Turbo

3.   IN THE DOCK: The new Supra Turbo is Toyota's latest assault on the luxury end of the sports car market. Tony Lewin has been driving it back to back with big-league competitors in the shape of the new 2.5-litre Porsche 944 and Jaguar's XJS 3.6, and asks whether the Toyota has at last become a serious contender

4.   JUST TESTING. . . Further down the scale from the likes of Jaguar and Porsche lies the latest generation of production car GTI derivatives. East meets West again as Tony Lewin finds out how Toyota's Corolla and Mitsubishi's Colt match up against the established European yardsticks - the Volkswagen Golf and the Peugeot 309

5.   IT'S WICKED! Even BMW's press pack describes the M3 Convertible as a 'marriage of convenience'. Brian Laban drives the car which takes the lid off the race-bred M3 and wonders whether convenience is a euphemism for compromise

6.   WHITE FLASH: Engine tuning can make a car appeal to a very different type of driver to the one who buys the untouched original, and Brodie Brittain Racing's 345bhp Sierra Sapphire Cosworth is no exception, as David Sutherland discovered

7.   HEAD TO HEAD: Cosworth Engineering have made unlikely bedfellows of the Mercedes 190 and Ford Sierra. Kevin Blick brought these two vastly different cars together and found some surprising similarities hidden among the contrasts

8.   LONG TERM TEST: This month's regular running reports feature the Saab 9000's first service, more than a few teething problems for the Peugeot 405 MI-16, and a pleasantly surprising chance to stand up for the British Rover Vitesse

9.   POWER GAME: The internal combustion engine has now been with us for more than 100 years, with plenty of constant improvement but without ever really undergoing any significant change in its operating principle Jeff Daniels examines the best of current technology and looks at some likely future developments

10.   LIFE AND SOLE: If it's true that you are what you wear, then ace motoring hack and erstwhile fashion correspondent Jeremy Clarkson reckons that your choice of car is governed by your choice of footwear. Whether you're happiest in brogues or sandals, slippers or desert boots, Clarkson has earmarked the car for you

11.   SOUND TEST: Ian Wearing compares two sophisticated in-car stereo systems.

12.   The first was installed, no-holds-barred, in a Rover 820 and cost almost ?2000, the second was installed in our long term Saab and cost around ?1000. The results of the comparison make essential reading for anyone thinking of buying hi-tech ICE

13.   NOTES: Editor Jesse Crosse reviews the theories and practice behind BMW's original and latest M3s and casts an eye over our brace (plus one) of Cosworths

14.   NEWSLINE: Mercedes lift the roof on the 300CE. Alia's evergreen Spider goes Twin-Spark and the 164 gains an extra dozen valves. Nearer home, the Ginetta-G32 Turbo looks likely to come to fruition sooner rather than later, and Ford's plans for the AC-developed Ace are rapidly beginning to gather momentum

15.   DRIVING MONTH: Kevin Blick sets his sights this month on two of the most elusive targets in motoring journalism: the perfect road test and the perfect car

16.   INSIDE INDUSTRY James Richards studies the latest game of managerial musical chairs that seems to be in progress at British Aerospace's Rover Group, and weighs up the new boy's previous qualifications and suitability for the job

17.   LETITRS: Various views on Clarkson's 'Rule Britannia' feature last month, a reader defends his views on the driving test, and what the vicar said to the motorist

18.   CHATTELS: Monsters are everywhere, lurking under the streets of our cities waiting for nightfall, says Jeremy Clarkson. Only then do they come out of their subterranean hiding places and break his car windows for the umpteenth time

19.   PERFORMANCE FILE: The raw facts and figures about the more interesting, exciting and exotic cars to be found on today's performance car market



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