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1.   COVER: A great British sports car could be on the horizon, in the shape of the Ecosse Signature. Testing the prototype indicated just how stunning it could be

2.   IMPRESSIONS: First encounters with the new Lotus Esprit Turbo SE show the budding supercar has finally made it. The initial verdicts are also passed on the Mltsubishi Shogun V6, Lancia's new Dedra range and the Subaru Legacy RS

3.   SIGNING ON: Still in the prototype stage, but very much alive, the 165bhp Ecosse Signature is following in a tradition of British, mid-engined sports cars. John Simister, the first journalist allowed to drive the 2-litre, turbocharged prototype, sampled its unusual aerodynamics and unconventional damping system, and was impressed

4.   MODERN HISTORY: The new Healey 3500 MklV claims 1960s feel, but with sharp-edged 1980s performance. Brian Laban took one to Prescott's hillclimb course to find out. Would the specialist car be just another failed attempt at a classic?

5.   MYTHICAL BEAST: Continuing the theme of specialist, British sports cars, the Jaguar-V12-powered Pegasus roadster comes under the gaze of Tony Lewin

6.   ROAD TEST: TVR S: The revamped TVR S, with its new 2.9-litre Ford engine, claims to have cured some of the faults of the original S. John Simister reports

7.   TICKET TO RIDE: VW's Corrado is still a rare sight, but even more rare is Zender's rag-top Corrado. As yet, there is only one such rag-top in the world and Brian Laban drove it in Germany, where he let the traffic wardens do their worst

8.   BABY BOOM: The new Fiesta 1.6S, with its reworked old XR2 engine, looks set to take on the baby hot hatches from the booming range of European and Japanese rivals. Kevin Blick put it up against models from Citroen, Peugeot, Daihatsu and Suzuki, on the road and track, and was pleasantly surprised by the overall winner

9.   GETAWAY CAR: Peugeot's new two-car range of four-wheel-drive 405s is a surprisingly wide one, with the 'all-weather' GLx4 and 'high performance' Mi16x4. Brian Laban drove both of them along a challenging route in darkest Sardinia

10.   CHARACTER BUILDING: Brabus have a reputation for making Mercedes cars faster and more sporting. John Henderson took a look at their latest range

11.   LONG TERM TEST: Our BMW 325i Touring receives a hearty welcome to the fleet while the ever-faithful Saab 9000 Airflow shows Ian Wearing some F1 tips

12.   ALMOST THERE: Behind the Eccose project's development lies the expertise of two respected individuals, ex-Ford racer John Parsons and ex-BRM designer Aubrey Woods. Chris Harvey went to their Hertfordshire base to discover whether their depth of experience will be enough to stand up to the challenges ahead

13.   RING MASTER: Few cars are worked harder on a daily basis than the Cavalier SRi. Kevin Blick decided to take one for a drive in its natural habitat, and chose an extremely soggy lap of the sales rep's own Nurburgring, the M25, to do it

14.   AU REVOIR: ARRIVEDERCI: French and Italian nostalgia hangs in the air for a reflective John Simister, with production about to cease on the Citroen CX, Peugeot 505, Fiat X1/9 and the Alfasud. Each Gar's unique appeal is remembered

15.   NEWSLINE Among this month's headline makers is Toyota's new rival to the Honda NSX. There's also news of the Evolution Celica GT 4, and Nissan's new 2 + 2

16.   DRIVING MONTH: How much store do you set by 0-60mph times? Kevin Blick gives the matter some serious consideration and puts it all into perspective

17.   INSIDE INDUSTRY: The industrial effects of emission regulations and the move towards catalysts on all new cars by 1993 are examined by James Richards

18.   LETTERS: A heart-warming batch of your dearest views lands on the Performance Car door mat every single morning and this is the pick of that varied crop

19.   CHATTELS: Who's wearing the Golf GTi's crown? Why will the Golf get it back?

20.   Why will it be stolen again? Why so many silly questions? Jeremy Clarkson explains

21.   PERFORMANCE FILE: Get in the know about the world's fastest cars with our list of their vital statistics, such as speed, price, bhp, Ib ft and much more



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