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STOCK CAR RACING 1974 MAR - Parsons,Allison v. NASCAR,Chevy Heads,Short Tracks

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Within this issue you will discover the following topics:

1)   THE CHARLOTTE TO ROCKINGHAM MIDNIGHT COUNTERTOP WHEELING/DEALING/ APPEASING CAPER - Bobby Allison said they were cheating at Charlotte; it looks like they were, but how do you get NASCAR to admit they were wrong?  How do you keep Bobby Allison angry enough to keep telling them they were wrong?

2)   THE BEST ENDING - It was a furious season in the NASCAR Modified Championship race between Richie Evans, Jerry Cook and Bugs Stevens; but Trenton became Richie's ticket to the top.

3)   THE LAND OF PROMISES - On October 7 ARCA went to Salem to find a champion for the 1973 season; they got more than they bargained for.

4)   NO ROUND & ROUND - Are the radicals in the Grand National West giving up oval racing in favor of road courses? The past season proved that R stands for two things: radical stock car driving and right turns.

5)   BANCHING OUT - Another road race in the GNW; a spectator in Hersh McGriff; what's going on out there?

6)   ONE-HIT WIN - Andrews hit Winks, people got angry, but hell, that's racing, especially at the International Classic

7)   SLIGHTLY STRANGE - Rain for the start and the finish of the race, Cale driving a Monte Carlo, Petty winning. God, Martinsville's got it all.

8)   NASHVILLE - No, Darrell Waltrip's giving up the Old Dominion 500 didn't make him an automatic winner at Nashville; Jach Ingram showed up, too.

9)   HAPPINESS IS A GOOD CIGAR - Race fans thought that the only place people of Amish background drove fast was at Reading; 'taint't so.

10)   A LAP TOO MANY - They moved the Dayton 500 to New Bremen and found that it was still too long.

11)   COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES - What do you get when you throw all of the top short track stars onto one track at one time? You have Hartford in the Fall.

12)   EVERYBODY LOVES THIS WINNER - Benny Parsons didn't win often in l973, but he was very consistent, and no one is complaining that he's the new Grand National champ - not even the competition.

13)   THE GASMAN GOETH - The gasoline shortage that no one seriously figured was coming is already here, and, yes, they're saying bad things about auto racing's consumption.

14)   CRANE CAMS, INC. - What goes into selecting a cam, into developing a cam, into applying a cam?  Ask Harvey Crane, the Cam Man.

15)   PROFILE RACING IS THE CLEAN MACHINE PLACE - And they're making some of the best possible tube frames for some of the best names in modified racing.

16)   GOOD HEADS FOR CHEAP - Why pay a fortune for big-buck heads when you can have them just as good, a lot cheaper and a lot lighter from the factory?

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