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STOCK CAR RACING 1975 FEB - DeSARRO, S. SMITH, GAZAWAY, Petty, Allison,Pearson

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Within this issue you will discover the following topics:

1)   BILL GAZAWAY - The NASCAR company man that the drivers and mechanics love to hate has some very strong opinions that make him the unswerving kind of a man that he is.

2)   SMITH'S STRATEGY - Steve Smith hasn't had a banner year at Williams Grove in the super sprints; he was saving it for the finale.

3)   THE FINISH OF SOMETHING BIG - The World Service Life 300 was the biggest & best ever held at Charlotte; it was also the wildest.

4)   NEW ENGLAND 200 - They held a sportsman championship race and the winner was almost a foregone conclusion.

5)   A DAY UNLIKE ALL THE OTHERS - Confusion, a 10-car melee, a new GN hero, Pearson winning again. . . all another day in the life of CMS.

6)   FLEMINGTON FINALE - The dirt-track modified race at Flemington the night before the Race of Champions sure gets 'em primed up.

7)   THE DAY THAT THEY BROKE THE STRING BUT KEPT THE WINNING IN THE FAMILY - In which Cale broke but Carling won and Canada was heard from along the Grand National trenches.

8)   DANIEL BOONE 200 - At Reading. Need we say more?

9)   THE SOUTH DID RISE - It's always been unfair. The Northerners came to Martinsville and stole the marbles. . . until the 1974 Fall 150.

10)   CANADIAN ROADS - Richard Petty found them rough, Bobby Allison found them comfortable.

11)   FLYING FRED, THE WONDERFELLA - Little Fred DeSarro wanted a win badly. . so badly that he won The Big One - by inches.

12)   CAPT. MARVEL'S DRI-POWR - The race has been customized to draw the best, and it's obviously successful.

13)   THE SHORT TRACK HERO - He gathers at Rockford in the Fall.

14)   SYRACUSE - The fans finally realized where the dirt track racing is.

Plus other hot racing items.


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