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SUPER FORD 1990 MAR - T 'BIRDS, Elliott & Earnhardt

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SUPER FORD 1990 MAR - T 'BIRDS, Elliott & Earnhardt


Within this hard to find issue you will discover the following topics:

1)   Spring Low, Sweet Thunderbird: Lowering an '83-86 Thunderbird with Motorsport springs

2)   Oil Pump Tricks: How to blueprint Ford oil pumps

3)   460 Torque-O-Matic: Where to find 800-horse mail-order Ford big-blocks

4)   Progression Of Power: Charting the '79-89 Mustang 5.0-liter HO

5)   A Legacy Of Luxury: Celebrating 35 years of Thunderbirds

6)   Bad, Bad 'Bird: This Boss-powered '57 T-bird turns heads and quick ETs

7)   Supercharged: A look at blown 'Birds, past and present

8)   Cajun Cooking: Hot Fords make the scene at the first-ever Fun Ford Sunday

9)   Two For The Road: Rick Sattler's dual-quad '57 T-bird

10)   Four's A Crowd: Alex Kasza's '62 Sports Roadster T 'Bird

11)   For the Birds: In 1982, Bill Elliott and Dale Earnhardt both drove Fords

12)   Lonnie Rush: Ford Driver In A Hurry Remember, you read about it here first

13)   Quiet Killer: Beware of this '69 CJ Mustang coupe

14)   Power Play: Jim Despain's '32 Highboy

15)   One Tough Custom: George Poteet's Cammer-powered '57 Custom

16)   This Bird's for You: Junior Johnson is on the right track with his Budweiser T-birds

17)   Hey, Little Griffith: Tim Sudard's Series 400 Griffith is gonna shut you down

18)   Mark Martin at Atlanta

19)   Motorsport Notes



Through thick and then, Ford's Thunderbird has remained a survivor for 35 years. Roy Query helped celebrate this special anniversary by supplying Super Ford with a look at two classics from vastly different generations.


Plus other interesting items.

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