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SUPER FORD 1994 DEC - '69 Mach 1, BLOWN 302 '63 F-100*

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SUPER FORD 1994 DEC - '69 Mach 1, BLOWN 302 '63 F-100


Within this hard to find issue you will discover the following topics:

1)   PRO 5.0: This Shelby look-a-like travels via fuel-injected 5.0 horsepower

2)   Yard Work: Fords came close at the inaugural Brickyard 400

3)   Clevor Tango: Kenny Roudabush's beautiful '69 Mach 1 dances with small-block steps

4)   Not Your Average Truck: Bill Wages' '63 F-100 hauls everything but cargo with the help of a nitrous-injected, roots-blown small-block

5)   Hot Comet: Bill Williams' '66 Comet Caliente is modified to enjoy

6)   White Heat: Michael Everett's smoldering '92 Mustang GT is about to have a meltdown

7)   Championship Material: Ray Grice's 5.0 Mustang is making a championship run in IHRA's Pure Stock Eliminator

8)   Coming of Age:  Robert Patrick and his 810 cubic-inch IHRA Pro Stock '94 Mustang are a pair worth watching

9)   Carb vs. EFI: Earl Davis takes the bench mechanics' argument to the dyno cell

10)   Hard Charger: More Power's lightweight miniature alternator delivers 50 amps with one wire

11)   5.0 Intercooler: RPS puts a new intercooling spin on centrifugal supercharging

12)   Coiled to Launch: Testing Eibach's Drag Launch spring kit is a lesson in variables

13)   Legal Alternative: Having a free-flow exhaust system was not impossible just a compromise

14)   FE Sleeves: How to preserve the cylinder walls of your precious Ford cast-iron

15)   SHO Cam Swap: Don't try this under the shade tree, this job rates its own tool kit

16)   Tech questions & answers

17)   Muscle Ford news

Plus other interesting items.

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