Item Conditions

Our Grading System:

We do not use an "official" grading system.  All magazines are "used" or pre-owned unless otherwise noted as "New". We consider all magazines we list to contain information that is useful and valuable, historical, and worthy of keeping and recycling. So, while there may be a detached cover, a bent corner, small tear, or a chip now and then, we still consider that overall readability is our first priority. But we will not send out anything that is ripped to shreds or trash. We understand that sometimes mint-collector quality is important and can work with you to verify exact condition on an individual magazine before purchase.

Each one is inspected to make sure to the best of our ability it is all there and try to catch missing or removed sections.  We sell the best copy we have first.  If you find there is a flaw interfering with your article of interest let us know. See Return Policy.

Each individual magazine is bagged in a plastic cover as soon as they arrive to keep them in the best possible shape for you. 

Items are priced according to condition, rarity, popularity and collectability based on our experience.

Overall Condition Descriptions:

"NEW"                Bought in bulk from the newsstand and stored or an unopened item.

"LIKE NEW"       It will seem like it was never read. Very clean and crisp - "Mint".
"VERY GOOD"  Means that even though you may have a 40 year old magazine in front of

                           you, it has stood the test of time very well. 
"GOOD"             Might be a little bent or worn or well read but not damaged very much.

"FAIR"                This has a lot of deterioration as noted. Readability is not compromised.  


If there are flaws such as a chip, ding, rough cover, loose cover, crinkles, water stains, ripples, tear, marked out or removed label etc., it will be noted in exceptions with an asterisk " * " and the title will show an asterisk " * " at the end as well. No items are listed that interfere with, exclude or limit readability. We hope that these notations will keep you as informed as possible about what to expect. Prices are adjusted accordingly.

Covers and photos: 
Most of our photos are of a stock item and will not necessarily be the same one you are buying. Since we re-list items over and over we do not retake the photo. There may or may not be a label on the cover. Sometimes publishers release newsstand covers that are not the same as subscription covers. When we notice this we try to note it but we do not keep up with the photo to match the magazine in stock.

For those who are interested in cover condition, label placement, posters, articles in particular for framing or showing, or extra copies please contact us to pull the magazine and check the condition for you. Remember we often have 2 or more extra copies so contact us if you are interested in extra sets. We also have tons that are not listed but indexed so we may have other issues you are seeking.

Please note: All items come from other homes where there may be smoke or musty odors in older issues.