Checkout / Payment

How To Secure Your Items And Pay For Them

The Checkout/Payment Process must be completed to secure your items. Until this is complete, even though you have the item in your cart, if only one copy was listed, it remains available in the store and anyone may put the same item into their shopping cart and pay for it.  Once paid for it belongs to that person. We sell items on a first-payer, first-served basis. If this happens you will see the item change to SOLD OUT  in your cart and you will have to remove it. If you have used eBay before think of this as your "Watching" list. If we have another copy, it will be relisted quickly or notify us so we can check for you.

You may get occasional reminders from us that there are items in your cart or to see if you need help finding something. You may get notices that something you were holding in your cart was sold out. It may or may not get re-listed within about 24 hours. 

PayPal & Major Credit Cards are Accepted !!!

You can use PayPal which will debit your account balance or you can use a credit card even if you do not have a PayPal account. It will also allow e-checks if your PayPal account is set up to do that. This will slow your shipment until the e-check clears.

Checks / Money Orders

We do accept International or U. S. money orders or Wire Transfers (Western Union)..

We do not accept checks without prior approval and must clear before orders are sent.

How To Hold Your Items For Later Payment

You may use the PAY BY MONEY ORDER payment option to secure your items if you are still shopping or to hold for pick up for up to 7 days. Notify us and we can adjust your totals and re-invoice you if you need to add more items otherwise you may have a situation of several orders in existence and this may effect your shipping costs.

Multiple Orders

We send out orders very promptly so if you decided you want more items after already paying we can try to catch this and combine the shipping costs for you. Please let us know as soon as you can. If we see that you have done this and we can combine for you we will refund any shipping overages.

Tax Charges:

Tax is added to Texas customers only.

Tax is not charged on shipping costs.