About us

Jim's Mega Magazines is all about helping you find the back issue, out-of-print car magazine, used car magazines you have been searching for. With our huge inventory of new and used car magazines in storage, we have even more available that are not listed yet so you can always ask if we have it. Not only that, but we may have several copies of the same issue for your collection. Plus with Jim's extensive car knowledge, expertise and data bank of information we can hlep find the right information even if you don't know the issues you need. So if you are restoring, rebuilding, researching, race fan, making a model, buying, selling, showing or want to show your kids what you used to drive...we are the source for you! 

We pride ourselves on being one of the largest and best stores with years of car knowledge, selling experience and an excellent reputation. Each car magazine we sell is inspected for quality and condition and then bagged individually in protective plastic bags. Then it is graded and placed into plastic file tubs to reduce further wear and tear.

Jim has raced, rebuilt, repaired, and done about everything there is to a car. He has also had to read and input all the data into the database we use for these listings. 

Stefanie, his wife, does all the computer stuff and handles the accounting and keeps Jim from buying everything he sees but he did manage to find and purchase his dream car. This is a 1973 Motion Corvette that he found.

1973 Motion Corvette