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HOT ROD 1989 NOV - TSi, 426 MAX, YENKO, 429SCJ, 455

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HOT ROD 1989 NOV - TSi, 426 MAX, YENKO, 429SCJ, 455


Within this issue you will discover the following topics:


2)   SHOW OF FORCE: The lowdown on the NMCA's 1989 High Performance Musclecar Showdown

3)   SPLIT PERSONALITY: Steve Engberg's blazing '70 429SCJ Torino

4)   BEASTS OF BURDEN: Ed Burden's heavy-metal supercar collection

5)   DODGE'N A BULLET: Paul Suloff's Max Wedge '64 426 Dodge stormer

6)   FlREFLlGHT: Joe Mino's 12-second, pure stock, '69 400 Firebird

7)   GS AGAIN: It only takes 10 seconds for Jim Turner's 455 Buick to scream

8)   MUSCLE STARS: NHRA top Stock Eliminator record holders pound the pavement

9)   STORE-BOUGHT STORMERS: The '69 Yenko 427 Camaro

10)   RAT-ON ROADSTER: Doug Mosley's '26 fat-block fun runner

11)   A WORK 0F FICTION: Centerforce revolutionizes the street clutch

12)   NEON NOVA: Mike Adams' radioactive pink '66 Pro Nova

13)   F NOTES, PART 2: Traco builds some hp magic into the RS Camaro

14)   MAXIMUM MUSTANG: John Mancini's candy-colored, Weber-powered wonder

15)   PROJECT BUDGET BUILDER: Affordable street machine construction how-to

16)   OTTO MAGIC: Otto Falkenberg's little red three-window

17)   ALTERNATE INDUCTION: A look at various ways to put the fuel to the fire

18)   '57 FLASH: A "Dare To Be Different" Pro Street Ford

19)   ROAD TEST: EAGLE DRIVER: '90 Eagle Talon TSi AWD

20)   PRO-PINKUP: What else would you call a bright pink '49 Chevy pickup?

21)   READERS' RIDES: Once isn't enough, they say, so we're at it again. . .

Plus other great hot rod, racing or how-to items.


THE COVER: This year's Musclecar Summer is hot No longer are hot rodders hiding their musclecars in locked, temperature-controlled museums. They're running 'em at the dragstrips where they belong PPC Photographer Scott Killeen captured Ralph Wilkins' '71 Mustang (driven by venerable Ford pilot Barrie Poole), Donnie Chapman's 440 Superbird, and Jimmy Crowden's fast and nasty '67 Nova (driven by Philip Raley), all in the heat of action. Also, the illustrated background is the work of our pal, the amazing Joe Goebel.-J.S.


Reviews HOT ROD 1989 NOV - TSi, 426 MAX, YENKO, 429SCJ, 455

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